Born and raised in a small town in West Tennessee, my Mother greatly influenced me and my two sisters with the love of creativity for fashion and food.  Mary Lynn, my sister and business partner, and Lindsay, (Mary Lynn's daughter) my niece and business partner, inherited both; but as for me, fashion was my "forte". As a child, I loved creating and sewing unique outfits, always looking for detail in the fabric or adding some detail to my designs, to be unique and different!  It was the details that made my outfits special and also gave me the confidence with my style.  I am excited to share with you the details we, Sidney Clark Designs, have pulled together for the first collection of our Spring 2017.


1)FRAYED SEAMS/EDGES .....One of the hottest details this season is the frayed seams, hems, and edges. Fashion designers are showing this detail on necklines, hemlines, seams, and pockets. This is a perfect way to add a twist to your basic wardrobe. Our 2 Tone Fray Jeans and the Ombre Distressed Jeggings are our examples of the frayed detail in bottoms.  We also have our Olive Frayed Button Down L/S with Frayed Hem and the Terracotta Wrap Front Vest with Frayed Hem....both great pieces to add touches of detail to your basic tee shirts and favorite jeans!

2)TIE DYE OPTIONS.....Tie dye has come a long way from the Bohemian days of the late 70's and early 80's.  The new fresh look can be seen as ombre dyed, dip dyed, tie dyed, or stone washed dyed.  The rust and white ombre distressed jean is perfect to wear this spring paired with our rust and white dip dyed button up shirt.  Or throw on our charcoal and toffee tie dye muscle tank with your black leggings, booties, and a leather vest for a great transition into spring. The combination of purple/taupe in our great galaxy maxi tie dye dress with pockets is another great option to wear now with a chunky sweater and booties, then pair later with a wide cinched belt and gladiators for a luncheon date with friends.  Another version of tie dye for our SCD customer is the ash tie dye pant with belt.  These year round versatile pants will create numerous looks to your basic wardrobe.  Add our black v-neck blouse with hi/low hem for a relaxed outfit or throw on our charcoal v-neck tee shirt with cut sides and loafers for a day of shopping or a walk in the park.


3)SHIRRED, DRAWN, OR TIED UP.....Another versatile detail we love here at Sidney Clark is in a great collection we carry by Yana K.  Yana K Collection has wonderful and basic pieces to tie up.  The Poncho Mini Dress is a great seller for us and has multiple possibilities. This basic piece can be styled numerous ways, but our favorite is tying the front bottom side up in a knot creating a tunic to pair with our SCD basic leggings.  This tunic is also great for maternity, making it easy to dress up or pair down.  Later, after pregnancy, you can belt the dress/tunic for a more fitted vibe. Our Double Drawstring Jacket is a fresh take on the shirred look.  This lightweight oatmeal jacket can be worn with both sides shirred up creating the hi/low hemline.  Or you can shirr one side up and the other down, or pull both sides completely down giving a totally different look.  For the tied up look wear this Printed Midi Pants with Ankles Ties pulled tight around the mid calf, add one of our tee shirts and our Lightweight Mesh Cardigan for a transition into warmer days ahead. You can also loosen the ties out to the width of the hem, letting the pants flow loosely and throw on a chunky sweater and an ankle boot to winterize this pant!

4)CUT OUT KNEES/SIDES.....This particular detail has surfaced and now become a new staple for the SIDNEY CLARK DESIGN partners!  We love this look and it has been one of our best sellers from last Fall.  We have restocked this item 4 times and we can't seem to get enough of this cute knee leggings.  Our Version 2 of the Black Open Knee Legging is bank account approved and I promise, you will want to order 2 of these!!!  They are addicting and so comfy.  Also on our last buying trip, we came across this new tee shirt line, based out of London called Eight, and we were instantly smitten! This designer's fresh take on this Beige or Charcoal Cut Out Sides Tee Shirt looks chic paired with our 2 Tone Frayed Jeans and a leather jacket for now or on it's own with the first signs of jonquils popping up here in the South during Valentines Week!

Hope these detail ideas from our Spring 2017 Collection entices each of you to get "out of the box" and experiment with ways to liven and freshen up your wardrobe. Please feel free to leave a comment or share any ideas you have on our blog. Let us know what you think and what details you liked or would like for us to offer on our website in the future. Lindsay, Mary Lynn, and I are always welcoming new ideas,comments, or thoughts from our customers.

Looking forward to seeing the jonquils real soon!