Tee-RIFIC Tees

Unlike sweaters, pants, and other chic clothing in your closet that make you feel inspired and ready to meet the world, there is a fine line between looking sloppy and outdated and feeling crisp and current when wearing a tee shirt!  Owning essential tee shirts is not only practical but crucial. They are the foundation in fashion for layering any piece in your wardrobe. Our latest new tee shirt line, Eight, from London, will take your basic wardrobe and cast all attention on your EYE CANDY TEE-RIFIC TEES. Check out these fashionable new tees from Eight.

There are many ways to upgrade your tees.  I am going to show you 4 ways to take a tee shirt from basic to current and fashionable.  

1) The latest combination and a very fun way to layer your tee in 2017 is to pair a silk camisole over your tee shirt, like this Charcoal/White Colorblock T-shirt.  This is a great way to maximize and extend your wardrobe thru transitional seasons.

2) Don't treat your tee as a basic.....upgrade the style with a pair of cropped jeans, like our Two Toned Fray Jeans, with our Olive 3/4 Sleeve Swing Cargo Jacket,popped with the Beige V-Neck T-shirt/Cut Sides, a pair of ankle booties, and one of our Mirrored Sunglasses that will add "EYE CANDY" to anyone's wardrobe.

3) NEVER....SUFFER FOR FASHION!  You can be comfortable, stylish, and high-end by taking your tee such as our Grey Asymmetric T-shirt and pairing it with our Papi Grey Faux Vest by @Yana K, and our Black Legging with Open Knee.  Add some leather slip on sneakers that are a "must have" shoe for spring and you will never SUFFER again.     

4) LAST.....but not least....take our Anytime T-shirt in Black and pair with the Wide Leg Soft Denim Pant, add our Nola Fringe Kimono with some fun strappy tie around the ankle sandals and you have AMPED UP a daytime look into an 11!

Enjoy this Valentine's week. I'm getting ready to go out in my yard to pick a bouquet of jonquils.  They have arrived and are waiting for me to SNIP!