Mixed Metal Jewelry/Meri Maple

Sidney Clark Designs has teamed up with one of our favorite hometown gals, MERI MAPLE, to create some unique, handmade jewelry.  SCD is all about mixing metals, shapes, and textures in our jewelry.  MERI MAPLE is one of our creative resources, along with her husband Tim.  They use mixed metals of copper, silver, and brass to design unexpected and edgy handmade bracelets, earrings, and necklaces for the Sidney Clark Customer!  Check out this trio of connected copper bangles that can also be worn as a necklace by adding leather to the rings.  The mixed copper/silver ball bracelet , the copper double twist wave cuff and not to mention, the single half-twist copper bangles that can be worn individually, stacked together as multiples, or worn with her other bracelets/cuffs to create your own individual style! 

On one of our many excursions, Mary Lynn came across some vintage earrings that were different, but were uncomfortable to wear.  We instantly saw the potential this earring had. Utilizing Meri and Tim's help and expertise, we created an edgier rendition of the vintage pair, incorporating copper, silver, and brass for a perfect dangle earring, that can also be purchased as a clip on. Check out these 2 latest versions of our collaboration with Meri and Tim.

Sidney Clark Designs has also done jewelry designing of their own with mixed metals.  Check out our designs such as these two-one of a kind 5 strand mixed metal necklaces, tied in the back by suede, with a vintage copper tassel,  or the lulu 26" long mixed metal chain necklace that is worn long or doubled around the neck .  You can't go wrong in your jewelry combinations when you mix different metals!

Hope you have enjoyed our blog and love these mixed metal pieces of jewelry as much as Lindsay, Mary Lynn, and I do!  Of course the three of us constantly stack on the jewelry, especially our bracelets. As the old saying goes,  "The more the "Meri" er!"


Please like or leave any comments/ suggestions regarding our blogs....we would love to hear from you! Have a great time experimenting with metals and jewelry combinations....Sidney Clark Designs