Can't believe September is almost gone, but thank goodness cooler weather is around the corner! After my last blog, Denim: Falls Biggest Trend, I have been asked numerous questions; but 2 kept popping up: 1)Can I wear denim head to toe?  2) How do I style my denim?  

1)Can I wear denim head to toe?  Let me assure you......MOST DEFINITELY.  You can chose to wear it layered by wearing different colors of denim or by textures. I love pairing black jeans with a simple blouse and a cool medium wash denim jacket.  Add some chic accessories such as sneakers or ankle booties, a statement purse, and a scarf tied around the neck....VOILA...SIMPLE AND EASY!

2)How do I style my denim?  With jeans now being deconstructed, uneven hems, distressed, frayed, and even coated, most customers don't know what type of shoe or top to pair with their jeans.  Well if you are unsure and want to tread lightly on this look, there is only one other item as universal as jeans, and that is a tee shirt. Pop on a fun, cute statement tee with some fabulous fur lined mules or ankle booties, and a great colorful statement bag and you've got a PERFECT LOOK.  Add a blazer when the weather cools off!

Denim has become the universal fashion language for everyone, everywhere, and for all ages, so try breaking the rules.  Do something fun and different from your norm.  Hope my blog helps you in styling some of your denim this fall.  Let me hear how you like to style and wear yours. Have a great weekend and enjoy some fall festivities.