With FRINGE AND TASSELS embellished on all aspects of fashion these days, this style can sometimes create chaos!  Silk and cotton fringe/tassels on earrings, clothing, shoes, handbags, and even pillows can fray or get tangled over a period of time.  One quick way to fix this I have found is to hold your fringe or tassel with a hook or on a hanger, so you won't burn your hands. Then take a hand held steamer or a regular steamer and carefully place the steam under your fringe or tassel, letting the steam flow thru starting at the top of the fringe/tassel and work your way down. Then do the same to the front of the fringe/tassel starting from top and work down to the bottom of the fringe.   You may have to do this a few times to get the ends of your fringe/tassels to stay flat.  Hope you find this information helpful. Please leave comments as to how it worked for you.  We love hearing from our customers. Have a great day!