Making first good impressions is always a priority with us SCD girls!  Even if you have on a simple t-shirt and your favorite jeans, a statement earring can amp up your look considerably...making that first good impression.  What was once "BIG" in the 1980's accessory scene, is now BACK!!!  A pair of gorgeous statement earrings will keep your look fresh and interesting, solving a lot of your styling issues.

Purchasing a major pair of earrings in a "POP" color you normally don't wear, such as these, will take your basic wardrobe pieces from drab to fab.  An add of PIZZAZZ, like these, can be edgy and fun, making your staple items easier to mix and match with this statement earring.

Or pair a beaded tassel earring, such as these, that have a lot of movement and swing; add a print or flowy off the shoulder dress/top....voila, and instant impact to your wardrobe game.

Maybe you aren't a flashy or frou, frou person...instead, opt for a new free-form shape metal earring, like this pair, and take your go-to casual tunic or blouse to work and feel more stylish and fashionable.  Force yourself to break out of your box!

Chunky metallic or mixed metal earrings is another trending look this season.  Pair these mixed metal clip earrings with the "Millennial Pink" that we blogged about on 4/18 and you are now considered a fashionista!!! Copper, silver, and gold mixture is a perfect combination to wear with this new nude color.

OK ladies, prepare yourselves....get out of your "comfort zone" and do the opposite of what you would normally do. Start making your own, "thought out look."  Mary Lynn, Lindsay, and I promise you will have so much fun showing off your new statement earrings and while doing it, not investing much money.  Let us know what earrings you decided to make as your STATEMENT earrings....we would love hearing from you.

Hope each of you have an awesome and fun MOTHER'S DAY Weekend....ENJOY!