In just about a week, the time will spring forward and we will be enjoying an extra hour of sunshine and the blooming of flowers.  I am so looking forward to spring. Sidney Clark has a fun and fresh look for 2018 and here is what we are seeing a trend towards this season.

1)Colors Lavender and Yellow.... Spring is all about color and these 2 pops of color we will be seeing in clothing, accessories, and shoes. You won't find any shrinking violets with us.  The lavender color started showing up for fall and now it is BIG and BOLD in the fashion scene. It is a fresh and modern look paired with rust, grey, yellow, and white but also works well with neutrals.  The other statement color is what they are calling "mellow yellow", which can be mustard or various strong shades of yellow.  SCD has always favored this color and it works well for many of our customers. This color is fresh to pop with white, grey, navy, and lavender!

2) Statement earrings....another trend SCD has never shyed away from.  We love our earrings to make a BOLD statement and glad to see this look is back on the radar, although it has never been off of ours!!!

3) Transparent....seen in blouses, pants, shirts, dresses, handbags, and shoes.  This is a harder item to wear, but by putting a pretty camisole or bralette underneath, you can make this look elegant and sophisticated.  

4) Floral and Prints....are striking up competition.  Mixing of prints with floral, plaids, geometric shapes and stripes is a look I have always loved to do.  Most people don't feel comfortable trying this look, but it gives major mileage to your basic and neutral wardrobe and I love pairing floral with army green, mustard, and of course blush! I will elaborate another time on mixing prints

5) Jean Skirt or Jacket...both are on the trend scene, but jackets are a staple either in denim or a color.  Our denim jacket has a button off fur collar that gives you year round flexibility and an edginess. Wear with a white tee shirt, a fun sweater, or a silky blouse.  Another trend is wearing denim on denim....a throw back to the 80's.

6) Versatile Dress....with warm weather approaching, many parties and graduations are starting up and we need versatile pieces to go from work day to play/evening and back. A mid to long length dress, in a fun statement color, is the perfect day to night dressing attire.  This is a "MUST HAVE" for everyone's closet. With our dress, you can add a simple tee shirt underneath to wear to the office, then take off the tee to wear the dress bare for the evening

7)White Leggings/Denim....makes every thing look and feel fresh.  Rotate your blue jeans for a pair of white leggings or white denim for a clean take on white.  This will make you look and feel super chic for spring.

We hope this helps give you an updated, fresh and fun look to your wardrobe.  You will be AHH-MAZED how incorporating just a few of these trends can set you and your look apart.  Have a fun weekend and enjoy the sunshine and warmer temps ahead!!! Please leave us a comment if you have tried any of these trends and tell us what you think and why you like this trend.  We love hearing from our customers.