Oh what a gorgeous day to wake up to blue skies and the sound of bird's chirping and singing in the fresh morning air.  Even though I am not a morning person and summer has arrived, I love going out in my yard to admire all the hard work my husband, Philip, and I have done in landscaping and planting our flowers and vines.  Another hard job, but not the sweat, is finding unique and flexible clothing that people would love, be able to translate and gain year round use, and making these items their choices!

As I promised, today I am showcasing Mary Lynn's "FAVORITE CHOICES."  Just like Lindsay, Mary Lynn can put on anything and look FABULOUS, so it is difficult for her to narrow down her favs. One major "hit" for her and a lot of our customers has been the "Relaxed Fit Top with Pocket" in light olive.  This tunic top is so versatile to wear as a dress with a bralette or tee shirt underneath, as a tunic over denim, and also as a swimsuit cover up.  The raw edge asymmetrical front pocket, lower sides, razor back, and comfy, casual vibe lets you know why this item would be anyone's "FAVORITE."

Equally as fun and comfy and her other favorite is the "Strapless Jumpsuit with Tie Front" in olive.  A unique piece to throw on and go shopping, meet friends for lunch, take to the beach, or dress up for dinner or drinks with friends by adding fun accessories and strappy sandals.  The tie front apron addition is a great camouflage for those days you feel bloated and can't hide a slight tummy bulge.  Both of Mary Lynn's "FAVORITE CHOICES" make awesome transitional pieces to carry into Fall.  With just a tweak of a fitted tee shirt worn under both items and some open weave ankle booties, you can move these favs into your wardrobe as workhorse basics.

Hope you enjoy trying these 2 item choices.  We promise, you will be selecting these as your 'FAVORITE CHOICES" too!!!  Next up will be Carol's favs.  Enjoy and take in this glorious day God has given us.